My name is Callie, 21.

Wherever I'm going, I'm on my way.

"Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that."
written by Azra Tabassum  (via reasonandfaith)


This was originally supposed to be a post about the boogeyman (top gif), but I stumbled upon more of Duane Michel’s sequence photography, and they took my breathe away. 


Say it. That when I was raking the dead leaves into a pile of letting go in the front yard, your left hand was still shaking from gripping the steering wheel like a lifeline that time we rode home in your car and I was crying. Say it. Say you weren’t the one who smashed all the eggs in the kitchen…








It gets better—the guy is deaf, and he taught his cat the sign for “food.” So the cat’s not just saying “put that in my mouth,” it’s actually signing

Best thing I have ever seen I love cats so much omg

Your cute cat of the day

Blimey! Speechless!

Not only that, but if you notice at the beginning, the cat *gets the man’s attention* as any person who wanted to talk to a deaf/hoh individual would (well, and vice versa IME). I’ve done sign since I was 5, and generally, w/o eye contact initially, you wave a hand or lightly touch the arm (if that’s ok with the person you’re trying to converse with, of course). Generally, adult cats meow mostly to humans, but this cat has figured out that’s not going to work and has adapted. Animal companions! They are INCREDIBLE.

What a smart, sweet kitty!

this is the cutest thing ever omg


On Tuesday, a bonsai tree boldly went where no bonsai tree has gone before.

Azuma Makoto, a 38-year-old artist based in Tokyo, launched two botanical arrangements into orbit: “Shiki 1,” a Japanese white pine bonsai tree suspended from a metal frame, and an untitled arrangement of orchids, lilies, hydrangeas, and irises.

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"Firstly, I’m glad you survived. I don’t know how you can stand all that water. Secondly, come here. You washed off my scent."

I had the worst night I think that I’ve ever had at my job tonight. It started with my manager cutting every 4 pm person there except for me. Then i ran everyone else’s food for two hours and got stiffed on five checks in a row (I was Togo I’m not a shitty server I swear) then I overheard my managers making fun of me, and all of my friends went to a concert without me while my boy person thing is in Germany for two weeks with no form of contact whatsoever really. I know it seems like I’m just being whiney but idk I feel defeated as fuck right now. I cried in the back for 20 minutes before someone had to tell my fucking manager to send me home bc everyone was so worried. At 130 in the fucking morning. I legit have never cried in front of anyone there. Being alone is a sobering experience. I just want to sleep forever ok goodnight

New townhouse, new job, the boyfriend is in Germany for two weeks and my family is possibly moving to New Mexico? All of this within the last three days. Am I living someone else’s life right now orrrrr?

"Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go on an overnight drunk, and in 10 days I’m going to set out to find the shark that ate my friend and destroy it. Anyone who wants to join me is more than welcome." - The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)